Listen up: not all water's created equal. What comes out of that tap of yours might have a few nasties you wouldn't want to swallow.

Don't stress, though—a top-notch water filter will sort that out right quickly. But, with all the different types chucked around on the market, choosing the right one can be a right head-scratcher. That's where this guide comes in.

Let's crack the code and walk you through picking the perfect water filter so that grotty tap water is a thing of the past.

Why a Water Filter in Your Kitchen is an Investment

Your tap water might look harmless, but there's more to it than meets the eye. A water filter acts like a secret weapon, revealing the true potential of your water. Here's how it makes a difference:

Safer for the guts

Let's be real; no one wants to spend their day hugging the toilet because of dodgy water. A good water filter removes bacteria, chemicals, and parasites that can lead to those uncomfortable moments. It's a simple step towards keeping yourself healthy and avoiding unnecessary daily disruptions.

Tastes waaay better

Tap water can sometimes have a lingering chlorine taste, which isn't pleasant. A water filter removes those off-putting flavours, leaving you with water that tastes clean and refreshing–the way it should be. It can even make you want to drink more! It's surprising how big a difference this makes to your everyday enjoyment of water, hot drinks, and even cooking.

Better for the environment

Think of all those plastic water bottles ending up in landfills. A water filter lets you ditch them for good–you can refill a trusty reusable bottle instead. It's a small change that adds up, making you part of the solution, not the plastic problem. Win-win!

Water Filters—There's More Than One?

There are a few different types of water filters! They all handle the job slightly differently. 

Carbon Filters

The all-rounders of the filter world, these bad boys are the workhorses of the water purification world. Well, they're not fancy, but they get the job done without putting a hole in your wallet. 

Carbon filters say, “Adios, chlorine,” the swimming pool smell coming from your tap. It is used to keep water safe, but not tasty. They also trap those icky flavours, making your water taste like…better water. Aside from these, carbon filters snag a chunk of pesticides, herbicides, and a little bit of stuff that aren't supposed to be there.

Basically, carbon filters always have your back. You can count on them to make water not only tastier and more enjoyable, but also to benefit your skin and hair - the Earths Water Premium Shower Filter blitzes all those invisible contaminants while you wash, soak and scrub!

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters

Talk about thorough! RO filters are the heavy hitters of water filtration. They're also like a high-tech bouncer for tap water–nothing uninvited gets through! These little beauties knock out pretty much everything: chlorine, chemicals, minerals...the works, only leaving you with ultra-pure H2O. So, if you have seriously hard water or major tap water concerns, an RO system might be the solution. 

Remember, since they're so thorough, they kick out the good stuff with the bad. You may want to look into remineralising your water afterwards for that extra boost - here at Earths Water, we go above and beyond to offer the only RO system that adds minerals. These filters are considered the “Rolls Royce'' of the water filter world; they come with a bit of a price tag. But if you're after top-tier purification, you don't want to miss out on this. 


Alkaline Filters

If your tap water has some impurities and a questionable pH level, it's definitely not feeling its best. That's where alkaline water filters take charge–like those fancy spa treatments–but for your water. 

The magic lies when the alkaline water filter takes care of the suspects, including weird bits, chlorine, and anything that shouldn't be hanging in your drinking water. 

This is where things get interesting. Those added minerals, like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, are the superfoods for your water. They help boost its pH level, making it more alkaline and potentially better for your body to absorb. 

For the grand finale, you end up with water that tastes cleaner, and has a touch of “health glow.” It's like upgrading from a regular shower to one of those rainforest waterfall experiences, but for your insides. Our best selling products use the highest quality alkaline filters to provide you with the smoothest, freshest tasting water you’ve ever had.


Play Water Detective—Figuring Out Your Filtering Needs

Choosing the right water filter isn't just about the science; it's about fitting it into your life. Okay, before you become a water filter expert, it's time to figure out exactly what's hiding in your tap water and how seriously you need a filter to take down those foes.

Don't wear those fancy lab coats. We'll help you figure out what's in your water with a few simple questions:  

What's bugging you about your water?

Is the flavour of your tap water off? Like a swimming pool (chlorine) or a penny (metal), or just a little “off?” These are common culprits, and even basic filters can handle them. Be honest—the filter can't judge! Some water is rougher than a dish sponge sitting about for a week! Note those flavours—clues pointing to the water culprits you must filter out.

Ever filled a glass, and it looked a bit murky?

That might result from accumulation from hard water or silt seeping in. Prepare to remove those annoying particles and tiny troublemakers using a filter.

Are you worried about the invisible enemies?

Some contaminants are sneaky! Check your local water quality report if you're worried about specific things like bacteria, lead, or other nasties. You can usually find this with a quick online search.

What’s your budget?

Water filters can be like cars—you've got your basic models that get the job done, and then you've got those with all the bells and whistles (and matching price tags!). To avoid a budget meltdown, determine how much you will spend upfront. This way, you won't accidentally fall in love with a fancy filter system with a spa-day price tag, only to have your bank account do a dramatic gasp later. 
There you have it, folks! Choosing the perfect water filter isn't rocket science. We’ve got you covered at Earths Water - so check out our stellar range and snag the filter that'll turn your tap water from “yuck” to “you beauty!”