Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

    Ultimate Alkaline Water Ionizer with 8 Plates (pH 2.5 - 11)


    👍 Creates water with pH 2.5 - 11.2 😍 Remove up to 98% of contaminants ⚙️ 8 x large titanium plates (platinum coated) 🔥 Built in water heating system 🖥️ 3.8 inch...

    Ultimate Alkaline Water Ionizer Replacement Filter Cartridges


    👍 Compatible with our Ultimate Alkaline Water Ionizer 💧 Includes 1 set x filter cartridges 😍 Each filter cartridge set lasts for 12 months 🚚 FREE Shipping on this item within AUS

    Why Customers ❤️ Earths Water

    The most aesthetically pleasing way to nurture yourself and help the environment. I do not think 5 stars can sum up my ABSOLUTE happiness with this water! The water is refreshing, and beautiful design and I feel so good about finally cutting plastic from my life! Do not hesitate to make this investment.


    I love the filter water dispenser because It’s beautiful on my counter, the water tastes delicious and I don’t have to buy any water at the store anymore. Plus, I can use this water for everything now.


    I bought this a couple of years ago for the office. It is used by 25+ people daily with zero issues. We like it so much most of us have bought one for home!


    I won't lie I hate to write reviews. However, I cannot leave this filter without a review. I usually buy water from supermarkets. The pH of the water is 6 considered acidic. Now, putting the water into this glass filter, increases the ph 6 to 9.87. I am very satisfied with my purchase. The filter is beautiful, I love the fact that it's bamboo. I am in love with this filter and happy to know that my family and I are drinking this water, which is very good for healthy living.


    The water tastes great! And it's much more beautiful in person :) I’ve had it for about a year and a half now and it works great, I love it 🥰😁.


    We love this filter! We all think it takes great! I have been suffering from acid reflux for a couple of years. Since I’ve been drinking this water for about a month, it has disappeared! I highly recommend it!


    This water filter is God send! The water tastes amazing, it looks beautiful on my counter, it filters quickly, and it yields a lot of water! You won't regret this purchase.


    Australia’s Most Trusted Alkaline Water Ionizer

    Discover the power of purified, alkaline water with Earths Water Ultimate Alkaline Water Ionizer, the state-of-the-art water ionizer designed to transform your ordinary tap water into a revitalising water. Say goodbye to expensive bottled water and experience the refreshing taste and numerous health benefits of ionised water in the comfort of your own home.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Earths Water's Alkaline Water Ioniser

    • What is ionised water, and how does it benefit my health?

      Ionised alkaline water is created through electrolysis, transforming regular tap water into a powerful, antioxidant-rich beverage. This water contains hydrogen electrons that neutralise harmful free radicals, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. By supporting the body's endogenous antioxidants, ionised alkaline water acts as a natural cleanser, promoting overall health and vitality. It also offers improved hydration due to its unique molecular structure, leading to better absorption and cellular penetration. Studies have shown that drinking from ionizer water purifiers can provide various potential benefits and contributes to a balanced and healthier lifestyle.

    • How does the water ionizer machine work?

      The water ionizer filter by Earths Water works by utilising electrolysis, a process that produces chemical changes by passing an electric current through an electrolyte. The procedure converts tap water into alkaline water with enhanced health benefits. Facilitating efficient water electrolysis, the device features eight platinum-coated titanium plates. The water is infused with hydrogen electrons through this process, resulting in antioxidant-rich properties. To remove contaminants like fluoride and chlorine, the ionised water machine also incorporates a four-stage filtration system, ensuring clean and healthy water. With a pH range of 2.5 to 11.2, including a recommended drinking pH of 9.5, the ioniser delivers refreshing alkaline water. Additionally, an intuitive LCD screen provides essential water quality information, making monitoring optimal hydration easy.

    • Is there scientific research supporting the use of ionised water filters?

      Yes, scientific research supports the use of ionised alkaline water. Studies have shown that ionised water, imbued with hydrogen through electrolysis, possesses potent antioxidant properties that counteract harmful free radicals and lower oxidative stress induced by hemodialysis. Potential ionised water benefits for health, such as anti-diabetic development, reduction of inflammation in the body, and protection of the liver against toxic agents, have also been found. Japan, in particular, has spearheaded groundbreaking research on the hydrogen-rich ionised alkaline water, with the Earths Water's best water ionizer machine being recognised as a medical device in this context.

    • What sets the Earths Water Alkaline Water Ionizer apart from other devices?

      The Earths Water alkaline water ionizer filter stands out among other devices, thanks to its advanced features and superior filtration system. With a remarkable filter life, it ensures prolonged access to clean and purified water. The device offers a wide pH range from 2.5 to an impressive 11.2, with a recommended drinking pH of 9.5, providing invigorating and hydrating alkaline water. The LCD screen conveniently displays important information such as filter life, water pH levels, and oxygen reduction potential (ORP) values. Furthermore, its four-stage filtration process effectively eliminates impurities, providing pristine and nourishing water for you and your family.

    • Can the ionised water from the Earths Water’s machine be used for purposes other than drinking?

      Absolutely! The Earths Water Alkaline ionizer water purifier can be used for purposes other than drinking water. It offers versatility in various applications. The ionised water can be used for low-tox cleaning, providing a natural and environmentally friendly cleaning option. Additionally, it can be incorporated into beauty routines, offering potential benefits for the skin. With its ability to produce clean and antioxidant-rich water, the Earths Water alkaline water ionizer machine is a multi-functional device that can enhance various aspects of your daily life beyond just hydration.

    • How does using the water ioniser by Earths Water contribute to a greener future?

      Earths Water’s ionised water machine contributes to a greener future by reducing single-use plastic bottle waste. By choosing this device, you can say goodbye to plastic bottles and enjoy the convenience of having antioxidant-rich water straight from your tap. By eliminating the need to purchase bottled water, you actively participate in reducing plastic waste, which is a significant environmental concern. Join the Earths Water community in creating a sustainable future by embracing the nicety and water ionizer benefits for health while minimising your ecological footprint.

    • Is the water ionizer machine easy to install and use?

      Yes, the Earths Water Alkaline Water Ionizer is designed for easy installation for handy people but we do recommend installation be completed by a qualified tradesperson. You'll enjoy clean, antioxidant-rich water and ionised water benefits in no time. The intuitive LCD screen and clear display of vital information, such as filter life and water pH levels, make maintaining superior water quality easy. With its user-friendly features and straightforward operation, Earths Water's best water ionizer machine ensures a hassle-free experience. It allows you to effortlessly incorporate ionised alkaline water into your daily routines.

    • What warranty does the Earths Water Alkaline Water Ionizer come with?

      The Earths Water Alkaline Water Ionizer comes with a 24 month product warranty. This warranty guarantees that the device is free from defects in materials and workmanship, provided it is used for domestic residential purposes. The warranty covers repairs or replacements for any failures due to manufacturing issues. However, it does not cover damage caused by misuse, negligence, improper installation, inadequate maintenance, or other forms of abuse. The warranty offered by Earths Water for the water ionizer filter reflects our confidence in the quality and reliability of the product, giving our customers reassurance and support for their purchase.

    • Do you offer a hassle-free returns policy and timely delivery for the ionised water filter?

      Yes, our company strives to provide both timely delivery and a hassle-free returns policy. We prioritise efficient shipping to ensure you receive the ionizer water purifier promptly. Additionally, our returns policy is designed to make the process as smooth as possible. We offer a 14-day return window, and if an item is not in its original condition or is damaged, we will replace or exchange it. We do recommend contacting us within the specified timeframe to initiate a return.

    • Where can I purchase Earths Water’s alkaline water ioniser?

      To purchase the Earths Water Alkaline Water Ionizer, simply add the product to your cart and make your purchase directly on our website. Our website provides a convenient platform for you to explore the features and benefits of the product and make an informed decision. By visiting the product page, you can access all the necessary information and details about Earths Water’s ionised water machine. Take the opportunity to unlock the advantages of clean, antioxidant-rich water by purchasing on Earths Water's website and transforming your hydration experience today.

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