Whether you’re a student, employee, business owner, or even an athlete, there’s no denying that staying hydrated with water is important for your health. But is one type of water - alkaline water, for instance - a better option for improving your health and performance?

Alkaline water defined

To fully appreciate the uniqueness of alkaline water, it’s important to understand what makes our “normal” drinking water, which is usually derived from tap water. Plain tap water usually has a pH level of 7, which is neutral. While a neutral pH level is neither good nor bad, why not stick to the basics when you can push for greatness?

To put it simply, alkaline water is a type of water with a higher pH level than regular water. A higher pH level means that it also has higher potential hydrogen than regular water.

The science behind alkaline water

The curative and medicinal properties of alkaline water are based on the idea that the acidic properties of the body and blood are the culprits of ill health and diseases; thus, they need to be neutralised.

Alkaline water is generated with a process called water electrolysis, separating the acidic and alkaline components of water. In nature, this can be observed as natural water flowing through rocks, filtering contaminants while also generating essential minerals. Similarly, electrolysed water can also be produced from hydrogen-infused minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

Health benefits of alkaline water

Now onto the best part, the diverse yet nutritious components of alkaline water make it a great ally towards greater health. To motivate you even more, here’s what consuming alkaline water can do to your body:

#1: Reduces pain and improves energy levels

Too much acid in the body can lead to a drastic loss of energy as well as increased fatigue and drowsiness. Since alkaline water is capable of reversing the body’s acidic levels into a healthier status, it is likewise capable of restoring withdrawn energy levels.

#2: Detoxifies your body

One study mentions the importance of an alkaline environment in the same. According to the study, adjusting tissue alkalinity can result in more effective toxin excretion from the body.

#3: Helps relieve acid reflux

Alkaline water can help in neutralising stomach acid and relieving acid reflux and heartburn symptoms. It can also act as a buffer against hydrochloric acid, the stomach acid that aids digestion, and to which the excess of this stomach acid can cause acid reflux.

#4: Improves your bone health

Did you know that increased acid levels can eventually lead to weaker bones? With weaker bones also comes increased vulnerability to fractures, an injury that all age groups are at risk for.

Knowing that elevated acid levels are the perpetrators, the ability of alkaline water to lower acid levels to reach alkalinity can improve bone health. In fact, research has found that people who consumed alkaline water tend to have less bone breakdown as well as bone loss through urine. 

#5: Helps relieve dry eyes

Though there isn't much evidence, some sources claim that alkaline water (especially when applied to dry eyes) can help treat the condition. As always, for more information, its always best to consult your doctor.

#6: Regulates your blood pressure

Currently ongoing research, some studies suggest that the minerals present in alkaline water can keep your blood pressure at healthy levels.

#7: Aids in weight loss

One of the most unexpected benefits of consuming alkaline water is weight loss. According to one study on rats, those exposed to the highest pH value, meaning the most alkaline, are rats with the lowest body weight. A good reason for this is the enhanced metabolism brought about by alkaline water.

#8: Helps treat skin diseases

Drinking alkaline water may help with the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It can also aid in the treatment of acne. Even bathing in water (which can be an expensive affair) can nourish the skin and provide anti-aging benefits.

However, there is very little evidence to support this. However, using alkaline water for this purpose would be harmless.

#9: Helps in the treatment of diabetes

According to one Korean study, alkaline water was found to reduce blood glucose and cholesterol levels, which are often associated with diabetes. Furthermore, alkaline water.

#10: Might improve hair growth

Alkaline water can increase blood circulation, which can improve hair health and promote growth.

#11: Supports treatments for cancer

There are claims that the growth of cancer cells is triggered by acidic environments, and with the ability of alkaline water to neutralise acids, there’s a possibility that it can help with cancer treatment.

For patients undergoing chemotherapy, alkaline water has also been found to make specific chemotherapy drugs more potent and less dangerous. 

#12: Helps during pregnancy

According to sources, pregnant women who drink alkaline water may have a smoother delivery and increased lactation. Jaundice cases have also decreased.

According to another study, drinking alkaline water has significant biological effects on postnatal growth. 

#13: Aids in the treatment of ovarian cysts

According to anecdotal evidence, drinking alkaline water can dissolve cysts and treat the condition. Another study suggests that alkaline water can improve the bodily imbalances caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and thus improve patients' fertility.

#14: Can help treat fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes severe musculoskeletal pain and fatigue. Anecdotal evidence suggests that drinking alkaline water can help with pain and energy. It can also help to lubricate the muscles.

However, as previously stated, this is only anecdotal evidence. For more information, speak with your doctor.

How long does it take before getting used to alkaline water?

Since alkaline water has a much higher pH than your normal drinking water, it may take some time before your body adjusts to the variety of health benefits that it’s about to enjoy. It usually takes around three to four weeks before your body fully adapts to alkaline water’s higher pH level.

How to make alkaline water at home

Surprisingly, this wonder drink can be found anywhere - in the grocery store, in the pharmacy, and now in your home. All you need to do is to install an alkaline water filter and watch how it does its magic in converting your plain tap water into healthy, tasty, and clean alkaline water.

With Earths Water’s alkaline water filter, you can conveniently have your daily dose of alkaline water in a few steps. In addition, you can easily upgrade your unit to include an additional filter.

The potential health benefits of consuming alkaline water aren’t something that you should just let pass. By investing in an alkaline water filter, you can easily access the benefits of drinking alkaline water right from the comfort of your home.