Staying hydrated seems simple enough, right? But between hectic schedules, bland tap water, and the guilt of those single-use plastic bottles piling up, it can feel like a chore. That's where the glorious world of water pitchers, jugs, and carafes comes to the rescue! However, with so many options, choosing the right one can be complicated.

Ever been lost in the home goods aisle, staring at shelves of glass and plastic, wondering, “jug, carafe, benchtop unit. What's the difference anyway?”

The Mighty Jug: A Workhorse for Every Household

Kids playing, elbows flying, and suddenly—CRASH! But instead of shattered glass and sticky juice everywhere, your trusty jug just bounces harmlessly. 

That's the power of these sturdy beasts! Earths Water jugs are made from the highest food grade quality BPA free plastic, and they laugh at bumps and drops. Jugs are ideal for chaotic kitchens or anyone with a touch of the butterfingers syndrome (we won't judge!) - and if you want a handy go-to for an ice cold glass of filtered water, jugs can fit easily into the fridge door. With 2.4L and 3.5L sizes available, there’s an Earths Water jug perfect for your needs - check them out here!


The Carafe: A Touch of Class for Serving

Just imagine that you're hosting a little get-together—a casual brunch or a slightly fancier dinner. Carafes are the MVPs for moments like these! Made of beautiful high borosilicate glass & natural bamboo, they add a touch of class to your table. 

Carafes pack enough punch to keep the drinks flowing - plus, they're the perfect size to chill refreshing water in the fridge, ready for thirsty guests and effortless refills. When poured from a sleek carafe, your everyday tap water suddenly looks like it belongs in a spa brochure. Carafes add instant sophistication. If you want to start sipping in style, an Earths Water 3.5L Carafe is the perfect choice!

The Benchtop Filter: A Crowd Pleaser

We’ve covered the compact and fawned over the fancy - now let’s talk volume. 

Jugs and carafes are fantastic for the fridge and will certainly keep yourself and your family hydrated - but sometimes you need to bring in the big guns! Feast your eyes on the Earths Water Glass Benchtop and Multi-Filter units.


These giants can easily take on a busy office or a thirsty family day after day - without the need to refill constantly. Many people choose these benchtop units because they are just that; made to sit with pride of place in the kitchen - after all, they look so good! With a price point a little higher than their smaller counterparts, the Benchtop filters are an investment. The payoff however is experienced over and over again - glass after glass of free flowing, pure, clean water for all!

The Perfect Vessel Awaits!

So, which contender takes home the hydration trophy? It all depends on your priorities!

Need a durable, budget-friendly option for everyday use? Go for a jug. Prioritising style and ease of pouring for gatherings? A carafe is your perfect match. Need high volume and a stylish talking point for the kitchen? Grab a benchtop! 

No matter your choice, remember, every sip is a step towards a healthier, happier you! 

Want the best of both worlds? Explore the beautiful and eco-conscious options from Earths Water–premium, innovative, and sustainable.

So, raise your glass (jug or carafe) and celebrate choosing a healthy option!