Every time you take a sip of water, you're actually boosting your health. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, with clean, pure water, it really is that simple. Our bodies are basically giant water balloons, and everything works better when we're properly hydrated. But guess what? That tap water you're so used to might not be cutting it.

Look, tap water is safe to drink, but let's be real...sometimes, it comes with some hidden extras—things like chlorine, weird chemicals, and even little bits of rust or sediment from old pipes. Yuck! Not exactly what you want in your morning glass of water, right?

That's where Earths Water steps in. We're on a mission to make your water work for you so that you’ll actually want to drink more of it. No more mystery ingredients, no funky smells—just pure, refreshing water, the way nature intended.

Your Water, But Way Better

We're not just about clean water—we're about making every sip an experience. You wouldn't settle for boring instant coffee when you can have a delicious latte, right? The same goes for your water. It's time to stop drinking that blah-tasting tap water and step into a world of water so crisp and refreshing, you'll actually look forward to drinking it.

Clean water, always on tap

You shouldn't have to worry about what's in your water, whether you're filling up at home or grabbing your bottle to head out the door. Dirty water? No thanks! With Earths Water, clean water is with you always. Our filters are designed for your life: at-home systems, fridge pitchers, and go-anywhere bottles for those active days.

Kick out the baddies, keep the good stuff

Let's face it, some filters strip your water bare. Ours are way smarter. They say "goodbye" to yucky things and contaminants hiding in your tap water—those weird smells, funky chemicals, the whole lot. But they leave the healthy minerals your body actually likes. It's the best of both worlds: clean AND healthy.

The real deal, backed by science

We're water nerds, through and through! Our team spends their days (and nights!) geeking out over water technology. Decades of experience, constant research, and innovative thinking have helped us create truly top-notch filtration solutions. All those years of research and innovation mean our filters are seriously on top. Just ask the patent office!

Easy does it

Let's be real: no one wants getting a glass of water to be a hassle. That's why we make it easy to enjoy world-class filtration, anywhere. From pitchers and bottles to bigger systems, we've got a solution to fit your life. And don't worry, those filter replacements are a snap!

Squeaky Clean in 4 Steps: Filtration Explained

Your water's had a whole life before it even hits your faucet! It flows through pipes, maybe picks up a little rust here, a whiff of chlorine there... It's like a souvenir collection gone wrong.  Nobody wants those kinds of souvenirs in their water!

That's where our filters come in. They serve as your water's bodyguard squad, ready to kick out unwanted guests and make your water shine.

Here's how our 4-step filtration crew tackles all the weirdness your water might have collected along the way:

Step 1: The Blocker

This is where the big, obvious stuff gets kicked out. It's got a strict "no riffraff" policy! Dirt, rust, those weird floating bits—they don't stand a chance. This filter makes sure anything big and obvious gets shown the door, so your water is already looking SO much better before it moves on to the next stage.

Step 2: The Smell Sponge

If your tap water has a funky chlorine smell (like a swimming pool!), this is the filter that saves the day. It can sniff out even the faintest whiff of chlorine, those weird chemical odours, and anything else that makes your water smell less than awesome. It's like a magic eraser for funky water smells—one whiff and poof! Your water smells crisp, clean, and ready to drink.

Step 3: The Mineral Negotiator

This filter is a master of balance. It knows the difference between the good guys and the bad guys in your water. Limescale? That crusty stuff that makes your kettle look like it hasn't showered in weeks? This filter shows it no mercy—it kicks those chalky deposits to the curb! 

On the other hand, it understands that some minerals are actually good for you. The ones that actually make water healthy. So, while it's taking down heavy metals (the real enemies!), it gives a friendly wave to those good minerals, letting them pass through.  

This filter is all about making sure your water is on the winning team—clean AND healthy.

Step 4: The Super Fine Filter

This is the high-security checkpoint—nothing gets past it! It's got a super-fine mesh that catches even the tiniest, sneakiest bits of gunk that might have slipped through the earlier stages. It is the final quality control check, making sure your water is as crystal-clear as can be.

Speed and Strength: The Ultimate Combo

Our filters don't just get the job done; they get it done fast! We know nobody likes waiting around for a measly trickle of water. That's why we made sure our filters deliver a strong, steady stream of clean water whenever you need it. Fresh, filtered water—no waiting game required!

How We Make Clean Water Happen

When it comes to clean water, we don't play around. Let's drop the science textbook for a second. No fancy terms and theories—clean water happened when we teamed up with the smartest water folks around.

What’s in it for you?

  • Proven, not just promised: Our filters aren't just good in theory and don't just sound good on paper. We put  them through their paces, making sure they actually deliver on kicking out the bad stuff.
  • Ahead of the curve: We’re ahead of the game. We don't just keep up with the latest trends—we help set them! 
  • Zero stress, just clean water: It's not just about the filter itself; it's about knowing, deep down, that your water is actually clean. 

The Aussie-Approved Water Choice

Aussies know a good thing when they see it, and they've given Earths Water their stamp of approval. They expect their water to be as tough and dependable as they are. Our filters are built with exactly that in mind. They deal with the specific challenges of Australian water, kicking out everything from harsh chemicals to those pesky minerals that mess with your appliances.

Being "good enough" isn't in our DNA. We're on a mission to make your water the absolute best it can be, always pushing for improvement, and never settling for average! 

But don't just take our word for it. Ask your neighbours, your mates, and your local cafe—chances are, they're already Earths Water converts. We've become the Aussie-trusted filter because we deliver results you can taste.

Why settle for "just okay" tap water when you can have the Earths Water difference? It's time to experience clean, refreshing water straight from your tap. Thousands of Aussies already have. Isn't it time you joined them and discovered what truly great water tastes like?