We all want clean water, but it shouldn't be a hassle to get or feel like we're trashing the planet. Tap water can be iffy, and bottled water is just wasteful. Could Earths Water's 9L Multi-Filter Benchtop Water Filter be the answer?

This powerhouse unit turns tap water into delicious drinking water, with the added perk of alkalinity. Let's take a closer look at the real-world functionality of the Earths Water 9L Multi-Filter.

Features at a Glance

Short on time? This filter seems to have much going for it, from better taste to a nice design. We'll dive into the details later, but here's a snapshot of the key features to consider:

Large Capacity

The capacity is a major selling point. This means fewer refills than smaller filters that might only hold a couple of litres. This is a game-changer if you're tired of constantly refilling your water filter. It’s like having readily available filtered water, without those annoying interruptions, whenever you get thirsty.

Multi-Stage Filtration

The Multi-Filter Benchtop Water Filter doesn't rely on just one filtering method. Its multi-stage system means your water goes through several rounds of purification, each targeting different stuff. This is a super-thorough cleaning for your water, which helps in removing things like chlorine (that swimming pool taste), heavy metals, and other chemicals. 

The goal is to give you cleaner water than you'd get straight from the tap, offering some extra peace of mind.

Alkaline Filter

This filter is designed to increase your water's pH level, creating what's known as alkaline water. Alkaline water has become popular due to its health benefits - like improved hydration and reduced acidity. Whether you're curious about the benefits or simply want the flexibility to adjust your water's pH, our filter puts the choice in your hands.  

However, if you're interested in exploring the growing interest in alkaline water, this filter is specifically designed to achieve that. Remember, it's always good to consult with a healthcare professional before making significant changes to your diet or hydration habits.

No Installation

No more complicated plumbing or permanent changes to your kitchen! The Multi-Filter Benchtop Filter lives up to its name—just place it on your countertop, and you're ready to go. This renter-friendly design eliminates the need for drilling or complex installation.

It's ideal if you want the benefits of filtered water without a major hassle or commitment. The bottom line is that you'll enjoy cleaner water in minutes, not hours.


This filter is designed with the environmentally-minded user in mind. Its design helps to break the cycle of plastic bottle waste by offering a more sustainable way to enjoy clean water. By switching to a reusable filter, you're taking a step away from single-use plastics that often end up in landfills or our oceans. 

This isn't just a short-term fix; the 9L Multi-Filter Benchtop Filter encourages a long-term shift in how you source your drinking water. If making more conscious choices about your impact on the planet is important to you, this product definitely aligns with those values.

What Customers Are Saying: Real-World Reviews of the Multi-Filter Benchtop Filter

Is Earths Water’s Multi-Filter Benchtop Filter worth it? Here are the unfiltered (pun intended!) opinions from people who've actually used the product in their homes. Let's see how it holds up to its promises: 

From "Swimming Pool" to Pure Refreshment

One of the most striking themes among customer reviews is the filter's transformative effect on water taste. Many reviewers were frustrated with tap water that had a strong chlorine odour and taste—with some even describing it as akin to a "swimming pool."

Take this reviewer's experience: 

“I'd been using Brita water filters for over a decade, and the first time I drank from my new Earths Water alkaline system I could literally taste an enormous difference! After just 3 weeks, I can already feel the inflammation throughout my body relaxing and I'm certain it is because of my switch to drinking alkaline water. I wish I'd switched to this alkaline water system decades ago!!!”

This review highlights how dramatic the change can be for some people, both in how the water tastes and even how they feel.  Obviously, everyone won't have the exact same experience, but it definitely seems like this filter is a serious upgrade for a lot of folks.

If your tap water has a chemical or unpleasant taste, the Multi-Filter Benchtop Filter isn't just about aesthetics. It specifically targets chlorine and fluoride, the common culprits behind "pool-like" flavours. Additionally, it removes bad tastes and odours in general, suggesting the filter could address a wider range of taste issues.

Where Great Taste Meets Good Design

The 9L Multi-Filter Benchtop Filter isn't just functional; it's a visually appealing addition to the kitchen. Customers love the high-quality tank and easy tap dispenser.

Many reviewers chose this filter specifically for its design, calling it "beautiful" and "easy on the eye" and appreciating that it sweetens the look of their space.  

For renters or those who dislike under-sink installations, the filter's self-contained design makes improved water accessible and attractive at the same time. Plus, the compact size means it can even fit in your fridge for those who enjoy chilled, filtered water.

So, if you're tired of bulky or unattractive water filtration options, the Multi-Filter Benchtop Water Filter becomes an appealing "appliance" for your counter. For design-conscious buyers, this goes beyond a purely functional purchase. Many reviews show people truly enjoy the way it looks.

Easy Assembly with a Few Notes

The assembly process is generally straightforward. Reviewers specifically mention it being "easy enough to assemble" and "easy to put together."

Most customers found it manageable with some care and attention to detail. Set aside a few minutes to read the included instructions thoroughly before beginning. With a bit of attention to detail, you should be able to assemble your filter without difficulty.

Beyond Taste: Construction that Inspires Confidence

Taste isn't the only thing this filter has going for it! Lots of reviews talk about how well-made the Multi-Filter Benchtop Filter is, which is a huge plus on top of the better-tasting water!

People are impressed with how sturdy it feels, especially those with kids who can be tough on stuff. The emphasis on quality materials suggests a filter designed to last. This gives the impression it'll last a good while, making it feel like a smart buy rather than something you'll have to replace quickly.  

If you worry about things breaking easily, this seems like a solid option. It's great for busy homes with kids or pets bumping into stuff. The 100% BPA-free construction also provides peace of mind for those concerned about potentially harmful materials. 

Pricing (And What You Get)

Okay, the Earths Water Multi-Filter Benchtop Filter is an investment.

But, consider what you actually get. It's not just the fancy-looking filter itself—you also get three filter cartridges, a tap with all the bits and pieces and tools to assemble it. Plus, think about what you spend on bottled water. This filter will save you money in the long run.  

Earths Water offers financing options if the price tag still makes you hesitant. They partner with companies like Afterpay, Zip, and Klarna to let you split your payments into smaller, interest-free installments.

Certified for Performance

Those "NSF42 & NSF53'' certifications might seem like alphabet soup, but they're worth paying attention to. It means Earths Water put their money where their mouth is! They had their filter tested by reputable laboratories (IAPMO R&T & TÜV SÜD) to verify its performance.

These particular certifications focus on reducing things like chlorine (that nasty pool taste) and other potential contaminants in your water.  

Is It Worth the Investment?

Okay, the Multi-Filter Benchtop Filter may not be the cheapest option out there, but lots of reviewers say it's totally worth the price. If you seriously dislike how your tap water tastes, the filter is a lifesaver. 

Plus, plenty of people love how this looks. It’s sturdier than cheaper filters, so it may even save you money in the long run if you don't have to replace it as often. Many also think of it as investing in their health by drinking more water. 

So, it comes down to what matters most to you. If better-tasting water, a nicer-looking kitchen, and a well-made product are on your list, this is a great buy. Think about how much money you waste on bottled water, too! 

So, the choice is up to you! There's no denying that the Earths Water 9L Multi-Filter Benchtop Water Filter offers a lot - it’s got the looks, the triple filtering power, and you also get to enjoy the long term savings that stay in your pocket. Happy shopping!